Waiting for Monday

Waiting for Monday


Why Monday?

Firstly, you may want to know, why Monday holds so much importance?
Monday is globally considered as the start of a new work week or as the first day of the work week.
The day after night, success after failure; similarly, Monday comes after Sunday.

Most of us think Monday is the day to start the same boring monotonous life again, but have you
given a second thought about Monday? Monday offers you a chance to improve the mistakes you
may have made in the past.

Monday can be the beginning of a new chapter in your life. You can clear your mess on Monday.
As Robin Sharma says, “Do not let your stained past deny your spotless future.

Monday is the day you can choose to improve the infidelity you had done in the past.

How To Beat The Monday Blues ?

When you wake up on Monday morning, see yourself in the mirror and forgive the past mistakes
made by you or others, with a smile.

Promise yourself

Today, I will be a new person, who will be full of confidence on the whole.
Trust yourself and think about your goal.
Repeatedly repeat, with the loud voice in your mind, “I can and I will”. You will experience a new
energy inside you. The smile on your face will look even more beautiful.
Best way to beat the Monday blues -Repeat this morning routine. You will definitely feel good.

Set Goals

To achieve any goal, it is very important to make a list of your goals.
Be clear about your goal. Set a deadline for your goal.

Now that you have made a list of your goals, complete the task that you feel is the hardest on your
list. (Recommended book: Eat That Frog).

Completing the toughest job on your list first in the morning will increase your confidence towards
achieving other tasks and you will feel relaxed at the end of the day.

Don’t Deviate From Your Goals

Social media can be a distraction. I suggest refraining from investing too much time on social media.
Turn off your mobile data or the WiFi for 2–3 hours in a day.
Practice digital sunset. Digital sunset means not using your digital devices at least one hour before
going to bed.


Social media is an addiction. You may try, but you might think it is impossible to move away from the
social media.
Remember: “There is no word like “TRY”, either you can do it or not. The choice is yours.

Chase Your Dreams

You might fall many times during this journey, but do not panic; you can get up and start from where
you had a fall. Do not stop running until you meet your dreams.
I have also fallen down while writing this blog post, but I refuse to give up and I kept writing.
It took me two weeks to write two pages.

If you have read my first blog post (First Step), then you will understand the difference between the
two posts I published.
My first blog post was one page and there might be many mistakes too. But I did not give up and
continued writing, after 4 months today; I am publishing this blog post.

First Step

As I said earlier, you just have to take your first step and you continue running towards your dreams.
I have been moving towards my goals, and I encourage you to do the same!

Here’s some inspiration for you:
“If you will not run, you will not fall,
If you don’t fall, you will not rise,
If you don’t rise, you will not fly toward your goals.

In the comments box below, let me know how do you beat the Monday blues?
How do you break free from the social media addiction?
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading and best of luck for your Monday morning.

By: Shaunak

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  1. Great shaunak , very useful and meaningful .keep sharing.
    the way of your explanation about goal is awesome.
    really inspire me.

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